Welcome to The Faithful OT

Welcome to The Faithful OT. Here is where you’ll find blog posts and information geared at occupational therapy practitioners and clergy regarding the integration of disability and religious participation.

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Live and Move and Have Our Being

Welcome back to The Faithful OT. This week, I thought it could be nice to talk a bit about religious participation as an occupation. If you need a refresher on what occupation is, you can check out my last blog post. In many occupational therapy programs across the country, electives and core courses are offered … Continue reading Live and Move and Have Our Being

In the Beginning…

Hello friends, welcome to my first blog post for The Faithful OT! I’m Reilly, a third year doctor of occupational therapy (OTD) student at Creighton University. I also happen be a Christian. At this point, you might have a couple of questions, such as What is occupational therapy? Great question! Occupational therapy is a healthcare … Continue reading In the Beginning…


Visit Disability Theology: A Working Bibliography, a continuously updated resource with recommended materials and groups for those interested in theology and disability, complied by Reilly Cosgrove and Dr. Sarah Barton. Please contact me, Reilly, with any suggested materials for addition to the bibliography.

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