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Here you will find all of the posts written by Reilly Cosgrove, OTS, for her doctoral capstone. Blog posts are written with occupational therapists, healthcare practitioners, and religious leaders in mind.

Practical Considerations for Baptism

This past week, I have spent a lot of my time working on various projects involving the baptisms of individuals with disabilities across various Christian traditions. While variations exist between Christian traditions and faith communities, such as believer’s baptism versus infant baptism, or the different modes of baptism such as sprinkling, pouring, or full immersion, … Continue reading Practical Considerations for Baptism

Making Worship Accessible

As readers of the blog may know, religious entities are exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act, making it easier for faith-based institutions to disregard or not consider making worship services and materials accessible for disabled populations. In preparation for my doctoral capstone this semester, I reached out to many churches and faith-based organizations to … Continue reading Making Worship Accessible

Supporting Children and Families in Places of Worship

Recently, in preparation for creating this website and completing my occupational therapy capstone, I was speaking with a pastor about how he viewed disability and how disability impacted his church. He noted that while he has spent much of his career in ministry working with older adults with various health conditions, he emphasized to me … Continue reading Supporting Children and Families in Places of Worship

In the Beginning…

Hello friends, welcome to my first blog post for The Faithful OT! I’m Reilly, a third year doctor of occupational therapy (OTD) student at Creighton University. I also happen be a Christian. At this point, you might have a couple of questions, such as What is occupational therapy? Great question! Occupational therapy is a healthcare … Continue reading In the Beginning…

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